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Precisione: The Healthcast

Sep 30, 2022

Guest Name and Bio:
Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen is a clinical naturopath, nutritionist, author, speaker, host of The Shift Podcast and the creator of Shift Clinics. She is the author of the best-selling book Get Well Stay Well and is a passionate media advocate. Katherine is the host of The Shift Podcast, an audio-documentary series with a cult following and the founder and CEO of Shift Clinics, the world's only comprehensive natural health memberships.

As well as overcoming her own personal adversity including homelessness and heroin addiction, Katherine has helped over 5000 patients in a one on one setting and speaks internationally on health and wellness.

What you will learn from this episode:
1) What is long Covid
2) What do we know about factors that can influence long Covid
3) What kind of evaluations should we consider if we think we have long Covid
4) How can we support our health and wellness if we think we are a Covid long hauler
5) What is post-pandemic depletion and what can we do about it

How to learn more about our guest:

Twitter: @katherinemaslen
Instagram: @katherinemaslen

For more information on Long COVID or Post-Covid Conditions:

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